Doors for high-end condos, a power to operate

Currently, the door is wide open on the condominium market in the regions of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Boston and even Quebec.

The changing lifestyle, aging population, immigration, return to the city, and the raising prices of houses are all reasons for this explosion.

Of all the interesting choices of condominiums offered in the region of Quebec and the greater Montreal area, the selection of condo interior doors is probably one of the most overlooked by many promoters. Nevertheless, potential buyers wish for attractive condominium doors especially different from the rental market’s interior doors.

Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc.’s custom doors overcome this problem. The company puts forward several prestigious and trendy collections of doors on the market. Collections such as XONDA, XOSIA, GENIA and the splendid door STILIA provide a modern twist, strongly sought by condominium buyers. In high demand in the market, the sliding pocket door is available in each of these collections. As this sleek door slides inside the wall, it increases the available space in the room. Modern doors offered by Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc. are adaptable to all types of condos. They are available in several finishes. Laminated doors incredibly imitate the wooden doors as well as solid colors doors have a resemblance with lacquered doors.

For buyers or condominium developers with a higher budget, Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc.’s prestigious door offers the door solid wood door, the genuine wood veneer door, the high quality lacquered door, the glossy and the high end glass doors. These categories are found in several modern collections such as SMART GDESIGNER, POEMA, PANGEA and FILOMURO. The latter distinguishes itself by its extremely sleek style, as this door is offered with no trims. They are also available in sliding pocket doors as well as closet sliding doors.

Selecting a condominium entrance door is a strategic choice. The appearance of the door will dictate the exterior look of the building. The fire resistant collections of doors Filomuro Rei, Filo Rei and Stilia Rei will provide the edifice with a magical power. Certain collections of entrance doors have the ability to be coplanar with the front wall. The entrance doors are available in the fire resistant version 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

Whether it is in the Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston, Laval, or Quebec market, a condominium exclusive and prestigious exterior and interior door will significantly increase the added value of your condo.