Happy new year 2012!

Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc., a Montreal company specializing in the sale and installation of luxurious interior and exterior doors for customers concerned about distinction, style and security of their environment, wishes you a happy New Year.

To constantly live up to your inspirations is what Fred Jeudine Exclusivités desires for the coming year. It is with enthusiasm and conviction that the company begins the year 2012. As you have so appreciated in 2011, it will continue to meet your expectations in terms of highly distinctive, fashionable, high quality and safe doors. Along these same lines, Fred Jeudine Exclusivités will add two new categories to its interior and exterior doors:

  • Wall coverings or floating walls which blend perfectly with all the collections of interior doors of Fred Jeudine Exclusivités. As they are exceptionally trendy, they will allow you to create a distinguished atmosphere. They come with the same materials utilized to make the different interior doors such as wood, veneered wood, lacquered wood, porcelain, ceramic, leather, glass, granite, quartz, marble, etc.
  • High end patio doors which will give great prestige to your building and a zest for life. With the most sophisticated opening mechanisms for luxury patio doors the access to your outdoor property or balcony will be the most enjoyable and easy. The wide selection of available patio doors will fit perfectly with all your types of buildings.

The company will ensure the continuity of the power of design which emerges from its various existing collection of interior and exterior doors such as armoured doors, wooden doors, glass doors, contemporary doors and natural stone doors.

Fred Jeudine Exclusivités desires to thank you for your confidence towards their distinctive doors. It wishes to meet you in the course of the year 2012 to share with you its passion for luxurious interior and exterior doors.

Send us your comments about this news on the company’s wish for the year 2012. It will be a pleasure to inform you about our products and our new categories of interior and exterior doors offered by Fred Jeudine Exclusivités by clicking here or by phone.