The XONDA and ARCA doors’ grand and expected entrance!

Two collections are entering Fred Jeudine Exclusives Inc.’s world of high-end doors.

With six models of select doors, the ARCA door perfectly blends the classic and modern style. Solid wood door enthusiasts will find well-appointed swing doors that blend well with the recent styles of today. Characterized by designs with deep features, the ARCA door releases tremendous power. ARCA is the wooden door with an upscale style. A choice of luxurious and modern or classic handles allows you to further distinguish your luxury door.

Long awaited in the market of modern doors, XONDA inspires the passion for futuristic design. Modern door, sleek door, embroidered door, condominium door, contemporary door, linear door, high door, and more are the many reasons for the interest of its admirers. The XONDA door is offered up to 2600mm (102.36”) in height and at a reasonable price for a luxury door. In addition to its very linear appearance, this door is characterized by a refined minor detail. One side of the door panel has a rounded shape, giving it a distinguished look. A wide range of modern door handles complements this door. The XONDA door demonstrates that there is always room for originality and innovation in the world of fashionable doors.