Something new for 2015!

Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc., a leader in the field of high-end interior and exterior doors, will soon set up in new spacious premises.

Upon entering the showroom, you will be propelled into the magical world of Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc.’s luxurious doors. The appeal created by a magnificent selection of modern, contemporary, classic doors as well as wall coverings will seize your attention. The set, as it is very current, will enrich your experience.

The showroom will display 41 stunning tall doors. Several door opening and closing mechanisms will draw your attention such as double sliding closet door, single and double pocket doors, wall mounted sliding door on metal tracks, sliding doors with embedded ceiling tracks, blindfold doors, pivot doors, doors with invisible hinges, etc.

The different doors finishes will enrich your creativity. You will find matte lacquered or shiny lacquered doors, wooden or wood veneer doors, laminated or acrylic doors, exterior doors with stone or porcelain as well as glass doors, which are still popular among the customers.

The invisible FILOMURO doors, without moldings and a visible frame, will bewitch the most daring.

To complement your ambitions we offer a very stylish selection of top quality door handles.

Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc. will be happy to inform you of its upcoming official opening.

If you have questions which or would like to meet one of our representatives, please call us at 514-274-6655 or 1-888-232-0332 or visit our contact page. It will be a great pleasure for us to assist you in your search.