Upbrella Construction & Fred Jeudine Exclusivités

Fred Jeudine Exclusivités Inc. participes in the ambitious 10-storey Rubic building project, which raises curiosity in regards to a revolutionary construction technique. Indeed, unique in the world, this technology named Upbrella and designed by the Montreal firm of architects Rayside Labossière, is highly impressive. The idiosyncrasy of the project? The roof of the building is present from the beginning of the project and is lifted as the construction progresses. Advantages to such a technique are that the levels are protected from bad weather as early as the beginning of the construction. The lower floors being completed one after the other permit access to the building as well as inhabitation before the project is even finalized. No crane, no scaffolding, a new vision of the construction in Quebec.
The interior design was also conceived with care and what we find indoors are the unique design doors of Fred Jeudine Exclusités Inc. Products of superior value are marvelously integrated in this project which will undoubtedly go down in history. Values such as ingenuity, quality, a constant concern in aesthetics and a common philosophy are what binds the two companies. Everything will be finalized in the summer of 2016.